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Will there be a flame around the capsule from Stoke Space Technologies during reentery?

Stoke Space Technologies ( will send fuel through the heat shield of its capsule to keep it from heating up. They actually mentioned that they are more concerned that the ...
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Sea launch for starship super heavy will need some kind of flame diverter. Any idea how it will work?

Animations of starship taking off from a barge or platform appear as if there is no flame diverter at all. Any idea how that will be handled, especially since they plan so much traffic? Also how has ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Why is rocket engine flame usually clear/transparent at the nozzle?

This is a followup to a question about why the Falcon 9 second stage flame was invisible when out of the atmosphere. See: Why is the flame of the Falcon 9's 2nd stage invisible?. That was well ...
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"Prolonged exposure to microgravity ... makes facial hair flammable"?

TheWeek recently published an article titled "The Colonization of Space", which contained the following sentence (emphasis added): Prolonged exposure to microgravity weakens bones, atrophies ...
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Exhaust plume length variation across different rocket types

In rockets we see exhaust plume smaller and bigger. I know length has some relation with the fuel mixture ratio (not confident about it). How to calculate, or at least understand, the variation in ...
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