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Are the SpaceShipTwo pilots weightless when the craft separates from the WhiteKnightTwo?

From my point of view, when the SpaceShipOne and Two get released from their carrier planes (WhiteKnight and WhiteKnightTwo) they are in free fall, therefore the pilots should become weightless inside ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Is it possible to achieve a perfectly circular orbit?

Is it possible for a spacecraft to achieve an orbit around a celestial body that has no orbital eccentricity at all? The smallest orbital eccentricity of a natural satellite is that of Triton's orbit ...
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10 votes
1 answer

How would the state vector be updated in the Apollo Guidance Computer during coasting to/from the moon if communication with Earth was lost entirely?

This source states that: From time to time, Houston could update the onboard SV using tracking and other available date; [sic] but, generally, it ...
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Do astronauts on the ISS have to consciously keep their arms down?

After seeing many images of astronauts on the ISS sleeping, with their arms floating, and Chris Hadfield describing arms floating up and head titling forward How Do You Sleep In Space? | Video I ...
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