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FTL, an acronym for Faster Than Light travel, is a system of covering distances with speeds exceeding that of light.

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Could time illusion be used to send a spacecraft faster than the speed of light?

In this article ( it says: The Hubble measurement showed the jet was moving at an apparent velocity ...
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What methods are known that could be used to travel to another galaxy in a human life time? [closed]

There are a few ideas about getting to another solar system within a humans life time like breakthrough star shot, but that is only a nearby solar system. A galaxy is MUCH further away. Is it even ...
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If the lights we receive from old galaxies are old, could we see ours if we were in those galaxies? [closed]

I am bit of an amateur in space and astronomy. As far as I understand the light that we receive from those galaxies is old, millions and billions of years old. A galaxy that is 100 million light years ...
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Would the ship using the Alcubierre drive need to use conventional propulsion to move during warp? Or would the space-time "wave" push it?

I have found various explanations on how the warp drive works. And right now I'm confused. First I thought warp drive works by expanding space-time behind you, and contracting it in front of you. I ...
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Travelling at or near the speed of light towards a distant galaxy, looking ahead, would you actually see it moving?

Its known that when you look up at the night sky at distant galaxies you are not seeing what they look like today, due to light speed being the ultimate speed limit, the light you see was actually ...
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If you travelled at exactly the speed of light, what would the stars look like behind you? [closed]

If you were in an Alcubierre drive bubble travelling at exactly 1 c, I wonder what it looks like if you looked back, to the direction you come from. If you went faster-than-light you'd obviously see ...
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How does Santa travel to other galaxies? [closed]

NORAD has concluded from their observations of Santa that he must have some faster-than-light travel mechanism and space-time warping capabilities. However, the Santa Goes to Space event at the ...
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What objects travel at the speed of light? [closed]

What elements travel at the speed of light. I was under the impression it was light and gravity but apparently electromagnetic waves (radio waves) travel that fast as well. And is element the right ...
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Faster than light communications in space [closed]

Today communication with different spacecraft is limited to speed-of-light. Around the Earth it is not such a problem, but when you have to work with a spacecraft on the surface of Mars, it becomes an ...
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Faster than Light in our lifetime? [duplicate]

How likely is it, that we see Faster Than Light ships in our life-time, Nasa is currently working (more like figuring the basics out) of the Alcubierre Drive. What'...
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Collecting antimatter from Van Allen radiation belts

I just read an article by John P. Millis, Ph.D which says that antimatter is created in the Van Allen radiation belts. I am writing a novel where a future starship with FTL capability, powered by a ...
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If we can make an Alcubierre drive, how fast can it move a ship?

Assuming we ever manage to solve the energy generation problem (and whatever other problems may face it) and build a functioning Alcubierre drive, how "fast" would we be able to travel? That is, from ...
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Is warp drive a legitimate avenue of scientific investigation?

I've been reading a number of online "pop-sci" articles on the subject of "warp drive" - derived from work done initially by Alcubierre. Some of the most recent articles say that there are ...
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