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Could a spacecraft spin so fast that it spontaneously deconstructs?

I have to admit, first and foremost, that this was inspired by Kerbal Space Program. During a launch I decided to hold the "E" key and spin my rocket to the fastest rotation speed possible. At some ...
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If human space travel is limited by the G force vulnerability, is there a way to counter G forces?

I read somewhere that prolonged G forces (even 2 Gs) are not tolerated by human physiology and that this ultimately limits our ability to sustain space travel. Are there any tactics to reduce G force ...
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How hard is it on the crew to go through the 14+ g's of a launchpad abort of the Soyuz, or the Falcon system?

It's only for 5 seconds, but that is an awful lot of force. The Falcon system is similar and presumably also involves very high-g forces. Could injury result from the abort itself in either case?
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Do astronauts wear G-Suits during the launch?

Nowadays, rocket launches (to the ISS) accelerate astronauts at a maximum of around 3 to 4g (source). I have seen quite a few ...
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How much acceleration g-force can prevent pilot from moving their arms?

Assuming that the craft’s engine is capable of any amount of acceleration, how much g-force would prevent the pilot from being able to move their limbs in order to control the space craft? There is ...
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How do vibrational isolators reduce the g-forces of a payload on a launch vehicle?

Launch vehicles often use vibrational isolators to reduce g-forces to protect delicate payloads. How are g-forces reduced on the payload while both the payload and the launch vehicle maintain the same ...
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Were shuttle seats reconfigured between launch and reentry to account for the different direction of acceleration?

During launch, the g-force felt by the crew is directly back toward the engines and maxed out at about 3g. During reentry, it also maxed out at about 3g, but pointed at about a 45 degree angle down ...
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What G-forces do different launchers cause?

What G-force is the payload exposed to on different launchers? Are there more gentle and more rough rockets? And do other factors, like vibrations, differ significantly too? Some scientific payloads ...
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How would a bulk payload like fuel (instead of delicate technology) change boost to LEO optimization?

This answer suggests that if a payload were simply bulk propellant, such as LH2 and LOX, and not delicate technology such as an interplanetary probe or communications satellite, then there may be some ...
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Is there a G-force curve estimated for a SLS launch?

Has the G-force curve for the launch of Block 1, Block 1B, or Block 2 (crew and or cargo) Space Launch Systems been determined? If there is no published estimates for the curve, is the estimate of the ...
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How much G force is applied when correcting an orbit around Earth?

How much g force is applied to a satellite to correct a decaying orbit if done each orbit? How long does it take to correct an orbit on the average? I understand there are variables as in which orbit ...
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G forces on Mars Science Laboratory during parachute deployment?

The parachute for the MSL was "designed to survive deployment at Mach 2.2 in the Martian atmosphere, where it will generate up to 65,000 pounds of drag force." What was the G force the MSL ...
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What are the G forces the Dragon 2 crew experience during splashdown? And what is the seat angle for the current configuration of 4 astronauts?

The Dragon 2 has a crew capacity of seven, but, NASA decided to change the specification for the angle of the ship’s seats due to concerns about the g-forces crew members might experience during ...
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What are the G-forces of Soyuz 3rd stage engine cutoff

Follow up to my previous question Third stage engine cutoff of Soyuz looks most intense, why is that?. The third stage cutoff gives a pretty good kick to the cosmonauts, cued video at about ...
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What is the constant g-phase in Apollo re-entry, and why does it not show up on the graph?

On the Apollo 11 Flight Journal Day 9: Re-entry and Splashdown, it says something about the "Constant g-phase". This is what the ALSJ says: Planned drag level (deceleration) during the ...
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G - forces imparted by launchers

How can one know the G forces imparted from the technical data presented on the websites of launch vehicles? I am interested in finding a way to theorise the max G-forces imparted by researching ...
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Are Virgin Galactic tourists asked to take a 6 to 8G centrifuge test to qualify, and if so, what's the point?

Regarding sub-orbital spaceflights with Virgin Galactic, claims that: Allegedly some travelers were asked to take a 6 to 8G centrifuge test to qualify Is that true, ...
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g-forces of suborbital versus orbital passenger travel

I would like to pose a fact-checking question about this article, which is about the Musk/SpaceX idea of using rockets for travel between terrestrial locations.
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Is it possible, using known acceleration laws, to drastically lower force required to leave Earth's Gravitational pull?

Just a silly theory to illustrate my question. If we were to build a globe (or a detached runway, could be any structure really as long as it goes around earth and meets on both ends) around the earth,...
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G forces of Starship 1 when leaving Earth orbit?

Is there a stated estimate of what the G forces an astronaut would experience on Starship 1 when leaving Earth orbit?
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What percentage of the population can pass Virgin Galactic's training sessions for tourists to board a sub-orbital spaceflight?

I read on (mirror): Additionally, Virgin Galactic has said that passengers will spend three ...
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g-forces entering and leaving atmospheres, how would they vary from one body to another?

I was wondering how launching from and returning into atmospheres of other bodies such as Mars, Venus, Titan, etc. would differ from Earth's. Specifically, I am wondering how many g's would be ...
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What factors prohibit building a space cannon to launch raw materials? [duplicate]

I am envisioning a magnetic cannon to launch materials directly from Earth's surface to geosynchronous equatorial orbit. The parameters I have in mind are a near vacuum launch tube, about 10 km in ...
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Upper G acceleration limit for a small thorium nuclear reactor and electronics

For a small Orion nuclear pulse probe that is accelerating to 10% light speed: What would be the upper G force acceleration limit for electronics, a small thorium based nuclear reactor, pulse units ...
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