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Questions about planets in the solar system comprised primarily of gases, such as Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.

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Probing gas giant planets by descending through a cyclones's "eye"?

On Earth cyclones have regions of calm weather commonly known as eyes. They appear to create tunnels spreading from the top of the atmosphere down to the sea level. Wikipedia article mentions their ...
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Planetary migration due to tidal forces

The fine U. Washington article Some potentially habitable planets began as gaseous, Neptune-like worlds mentions twice that tidal forces can induce inward planet migration. Two phenomena known to ...
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Why do Saturn's rings have the most ice in them?

From what I've read, Saturn's rings are the most visible because they have an icy structure that makes it so the light is more reflective. Why is that the case, and why do other rings of the gas ...
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Could the moons of Jupiter or Saturn be heated to human-friendly temperatures?

I always loved the part in 2001 where Jupiter becomes as star. Has anyone ever suggested placing power generating stations high in the atmosphere of gas giants, and beaming the energy to colonies on ...
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