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Looking for C02 cartridge specifications, for 16g and 32g canisters. Looking to find some for deployment use both in both Australia and USA

I am looking for C02 canister specifications, for 16g and 32g cartridges. Looking to find some for deployment use both in both Australia and USA. We have brought many 16g and 32 g cartridges, but are ...
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Has biological pressurization ever been used in spacecraft or in experimental applications?

I love kimchi and I love space exploration, so I was doing some research about whether and how fermented foods such as kimchi might have been consumed in space. For those who haven't tried it, kimchi ...
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Why is butane never used in rockets as fuel?

From what I know, it seems good, so why does no one use butane as a rocket fuel?
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Design of propellant tanks of a rocket [duplicate]

I understand that the propellants (e.g. LOX & LH2) are stored in a rocket tank which is pressurized by Helium or a neutral gas, so as to push the propellants towards the tank outlet, to the turbo-...
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How much nitrogen did Skylab and the Space Shuttle carry for atmosphere makeup?

This comment below Where there any spacecraft with nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere, but without a system for nitrogen replenishment? mentions: Both Skylab and shuttle had N2 tanks for atmosphere makeup. ...
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Are there examples of a spacecraft designed for transitions from supercritical to liquid+gas mixtures?

The question What happens when supercritical fuel tanks deplete below critical point? suggests some possible scenarios when the pressure of a tank is in danger of dropping below the supercritical ...
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Other than He and N as pressurizing gases

To pressurize the liquid propellant tanks Helium is most widely used and after that Nitrogen. Helium is quite costly and Nitrogen is economic but it messes with the O/F ratio of the engine (ref). So, ...
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Do spacecraft ever release unneeded gases into space?

My child is learning about the human body and frequently wants to know whether his favorite things work the same way. He asked me if spaceships fart (we've talked about Firetrucks and tailpipes, to ...
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Can a machine process and run on $CO_2$ and $H_2O$ for an $O_2$ by product?

On Mars studies have shown that carbon dioxide solidifies to dry ice at the poles. During the winter months can electrolysis be applied to collected and then contained liquid $CO_2$ to replenish ...
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What is the purpose of the helium and argon gas supplies on ISS?

I finally figured out that the nitrogen gas is used for the MELFI (minus eighty freezers). I can't figure out what the argon would be used for, though I can see how helium might be useful for ...
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Why did the Earth based observations of methane on Mars go wrong?

ScienceNews states that: Scientists had previously identified methane on Mars using Earth-based telescopes and spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet. In 2003, researchers detected a ...
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Are there enough stray gasses in space to justify streamlining a probe?

Space isn't empty - there are tons of things floating around in it. Seem of these things are pockets/molecule of gas - and a space probe is very likely to encounter some of these at some point in its ...
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Would a biological resource-system be feasible for long-term manned flights?

Supposing a long-term manned flight is planned would a biological resource-system be considered as an option? Would a biological resource-system work or is a technical solution superior? Currently ...
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Why does the International Space Station produce so much methane?

According to NASA, roughly "1,000 pounds of methane are produced on International Space Station and dumped overboard as waste gas every year"[1]. It seems like an awful waste to just get rid of it. ...
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Is converting moon dust into oxygen a viable option for sustainability?

On the about page for Project Morpheus, the possibility of converting moon dust into oxygen is mentioned: It was manufactured and assembled at JSC and Armadillo Aerospace. Morpheus is large enough ...
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