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Visibility of curvature on other planets and moons

On Earth, a curved horizon becomes more clearly visible at an altitude of about 40,000 feet (12 km). I wonder what altitude that would be on other spherical bodies of our system. I'd say that if you ...
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How are the coefficients in the EGM96 model normalized?

For my own interest I'm trying to implement the EGM96 gravitational model. I found the coefficients here. The readme file says that they are "fully normalized", but I'm not 100% sure what this means. ...
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12 votes
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Can we make a space blimp?

OK. Hear me out. I know that blimps float because of the buoyancy of air, and there is no air in space. But think of the way a boat floats on the top of water even though the material that the boat is ...
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Mission concepts for a tomography of an asteroid or other celestial body

Tomographies of various kinds are basically the only possibility right now to look deeper into asteroids or planets. On Earth, "signals" generated by earthquakes are for instance used for performing a ...
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