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Questions about the General Mission Analysis Tool, the program which is designed to model, optimize, and estimate spacecraft trajectories in flight regimes ranging from low Earth orbit to lunar applications, interplanetary trajectories, and other deep space missions.

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Brouwer-Lyddane mean semi major axis bias

I'm using the software GMAT (General Mission Analysis Tool) (website, YouTube) for propagating spacecraft and calculating their Brouwer-Lyddane (BL) mean semi-major axis (SMA). I found out something ...
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Modelling ISS orbit in GMAT

I am a complete newbie in all things space related. I am trying to work out how I can model the orbit of the ISS in the NASA open source tool GMAT. I can get the TLE for ISS (ZAYRA) from space-track....
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How are B-Plane parameters actually determined for a planetary flyby?

Reading from this document, I am trying to simulate the New Horizons probe trajectory in GMAT and I am puzzled with how the authors of the original paper (by legendary mission designer Robert W. ...
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Differences between numerical propagators

I am a trainee who is working on a numeric orbital propagator developed in the company. I can't show you the code but I can tell you that the propagator was developed to work in Simulink. My job was ...
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How to design a lunar flyby trajectory in GMAT?

I am trying to design a flyby mission to the moon using electric propulsion on GMAT. I've gone through the tutorials, however, the most useful one "Lunar Flyby to the moon using multiple shooting&...
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How to create a satellite intersection/conjunction in GMAT?

Starting to learn GMAT. I've been able to get my satellite to move around in space pretty well with various targets and maneuvers in the mission sequence. Now I would like to have my satellite target ...
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Why does a satellite with a higher mass fall slower?

I was doing simulations in GMAT and I could observe that if I increase the mass of the satellite, the satellite falls slower ... and if I reduce the mass of the satellite, then it falls faster (I only ...
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How open is NASA's "open source" GMAT software?

In answers and comments to What does it mean when a software is called open-source for US-release only? I found out that when NASA uses the term "open source" it does not mean open to everyone! ...
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User help forum for GMAT (General Mission Analysis Tool) users?

GMAT (General Mission Analysis Tool) is an amazing open-source tool for designing spacecraft orbits etc. The latest documentation for GMAT version 2020a says that help is available at http://forums....
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Low Earth orbit propagation in GMAT

I'm propagating a Low Earth orbit using GMAT. I 'm trying to make the propagation realistic, considering the zonal harmonics, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus perturbations, tidal forces and solar ...
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Code to generate Sun-Earth L2 halo orbits for given epoch?

I am working on a GMAT script out of personal interest (not part of a job) that involves a spacecraft orbiting the Sun-Earth L2 point. I have found some orbital state vectors for the spacecraft that ...
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GMAT targeting - why targeting RMAG and DEC works while RadApo and INC doesn't?

The GMAT examples demonstrate targeting using this method for targeting a specific Apoapsis increase maneuver: Vary the prograde speed Apply Maneuver Propagate to the Apoapsis Achieve "the ...
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Hohmann transfer using GMAT software

I am trying to plot an orbit using gmat. I fixed apogee(RadApo) and perigee(RadPer) for the inner orbit(green) and inserted an impulsive burn. I got the desired shape of the outer orbit but I am ...
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