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The region around a star within which planetary-mass objects with sufficient atmospheric pressure can support liquid water at their surfaces.

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Do we know the likely conditions on Mars when its orbital eccentricity was very low?

Mars's eccentricity changes dramatically from highly eccentric, like now, to nearly circular, eg 1.3 million years ago and 1 million years in the future. Mars is more within the Sun's habitable zone ...
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What are ALL the characteristics for for human habitability of worlds?

We've got a good head start at our original table here, but is there anything else we need or have missed that impact on human habitability of worlds? It's helpful to compare and contrast places in ...
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Which of the upcoming space missions has the greatest chance of proving the existence of life on exoplanets?

Confirming the existence of life on other distant planets would be one of the greatest discoveries in our history. I believe that many space enthusiasts would love this to happen in the coming decades....
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Is tidal-lock associated with lack of geothermal activity?

This question mainly stems from the inconvenient datum that is Venus. I was long under the impression that liquid mantle and core of a planet was tied to the mass of the planet (except perhaps where ...
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Why is TRAPPIST-1f considered habitable?

The TRAPPIST-1f is in the TRAPPIST-1 system discovered recently with seven planets. Three of them are said to be in the habitable zone. But the data says that the average temperature on the TRAPPIST-...
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What are the required parameters for modern Earth-like life on a planet? [closed]

You often hear scientists talk about it: we have found traces of molecules that are necessary for life on Mars. But we all know that Mars is not habitable right now. It might have been, but we cannot ...
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If Saturn or Jupiter were in Earth's orbit, would any of their moons be habitable for humans?

The majority of exoplanets found so far are comparable in size to Jupiter or Saturn. Which, as we know, are problematic for human habitation. But their moons have a lot of potential. Some of these ...
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NASA just announced 715 new exoplanets were discovered, what do we know about them?

I have been trying to find information on how far away these new exoplanets are from Sol. Does anybody have a map or a table that shows their distance to us in light years. There only seem to be 100 ...
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