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What would be the doppler effect in the a 2.42GHz signal coming from a satellite in orbit around Mars, received on Earth ground station?

Say there is a satellite in orbit around Mars, and it sends a signal at such a time that it is more or less behind the Sun. In that case, Mars would be "Occulted" by the Sun. That signal is ...
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Negative elevation angle

What does it mean to have negative values of elevation angle from the low-Earth orbiting (LEO) satellite? Can the negative values of elevation angle be useful?
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How does "onboard GPS" suggest "escalation speed and severity of a storm caused atmospheric drag to increase up to 50 percent"?

Engadget's says: A recent batch of SpaceX’s Starlink internet-beaming cubesats met with tragedy on February 3rd when a 49-member cohort of the newly-launched satellites encountered a strong ...
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CICERO orbit design and optimization for GPS occultations?

CICERO is a constellation of 6U cubesats by GeoOptics. A few of them were launched today aboard a Rocket Lab Electron in today's “It’s Business Time” launch. Each cubesat caries a phased array of GPS ...
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Does NOAA still plan to deploy all twelve Cosmic-2 GPS radio occultation satellites?

In the 2014 Space News interview of Jim Bridenstine (now NASA administrator, then member of the US house of representatives for Oklahoma) Q&A With Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) appears: Space ...
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