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Questions regarding the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL), an American project to map the gravitational deviations of the Moon.

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Are there any sources with high-confidence state vectors for GRAIL-A?

I have been experimenting with propagation of Moon-orbiting satellites. In particular, of GRAIL-A. In order to obtain state vectors to use as starting points for my propagation, and to compare the ...
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What are the largest distances between two spacecraft that have been determined to a meter or so accuracy? How were these done?

This answer to Radio Telescope / DSN Node in L4 and/or L5 presents the challenge of implementing "very long" VLBI using the ~1 AU distance between Earth and a Sun-Earth triangular libration ...
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Would GRAIL be possible on more distant airless bodies such as Mercury and Callisto?

I was thinking for quite a while about sending this question to Maria Zuber's e-mail address (she was the principal investigator of the GRAIL mission to map the Moon's gravity field), but then I ...
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Gravity mapping of grail mission

This I asked has answers about how gravity is mapped of earth using orbit data of the satellites as measured by ranging. Using ranging one can fit the model parameters to fit the orbit as it passes ...
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To what celestial bodies are GRAIL-like missions planned?

GRAIL recently constructed a complete gravity map of Luna's irregular gravity field. Are similar GRAIL missions on the anvil to any other Celestial bodies as yet? As a corollary (probably opinion-...
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Will any near future lunar missions use GRAIL data?

Lunar missions are known to be the subject to the exceptionally disuniform gravity. GRAIL generated a very high resolution gravity map of Luna. Will any missions to Luna in the near future (say, ...
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