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Questions tagged [gravity-assist]

Questions regarding the use of an object's gravity to change the velocity of a spaceship.

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How would I or who/what could help me find the trajectory of an "Extended Grand Tour" spacecraft, without having to take a long course on the subject?

(As forewarning, the most integral details of this question are bolded.) For context, I have been writing an alternate history involving the accelerated development of spaceflight technology for over ...
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Can a gravity assist be designed without using simulation?

Suppose a three body scenario with an artificial satellite, a planet (much massive than the satellite), and a sun (much massive than the planet). There is no other significant force on these three ...
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History of the planetary flyby for gravitational assist; first conception, mathematical demonstration, plan, and execution?

Planetary flybys for gravitational assists are a stable of deep space missions. When did the following things happen? First documented realization that gravitational assists in spaceflight were ...
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How is the trajectory of a gravitational assist flyby mission computed?

Based on much research after posing my previous question, as well as the discussions with the rest of the community, I now (think I have) a deeper understanding of how mission planning works. Based on ...
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Where to find detailed information about space mission like Voyager or Galileo

Is there any place aside from NASA-JPL web page, where there is only some general information about the missions, where one can find more in-depth detailed values? For instance, I am looking for the ...
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Where can I find the specific details of a gravity assist space mission?

0 I am writing a research essay where I need to know the specific details of a gravity assist mission such as Voyager 2's flyby of Jupiter for example (but any mission would work as long as it is a ...
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Free Return Transfer Problem

I'm trying to understand how a free-transfer return works. It makes sense to me conceptually, but putting numbers to it it is unclear. I'm not sure how to obtain information about the transfer ...
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Limitations of gravitational assist flybys

My understanding is that it's easier to send something out of the solar system than into the sun due to the need to overcome the speed at which the earth moves around the sun. My understanding of ...
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V infinity matching software for gravity assists?

Is their software someone has already written for hyperbolic velocity matching of porkchop plots to be used to figure out ballistic gravity assists? Doing this in single threaded python requires using ...
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More advanced alternatives to Trajectory Optimization Tool?

I've been using Arrowstar's Trajectory Optimization Tool to plan interplanetary transfers, and it works well. The next thing I want to do is plan gravity assists from the Sun-Earth L2 Lagrange point ...
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Were there any identified launch windows and gravity-assist trajectories that could put a probe on a "Grand Tour" trajectory around 1981?

For context, I am developing an alternate history that features a far more ambitious Voyager program than the one undertaken in real life. However, despite the increase in NASA funding provided in the ...
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How to plot conic from Lambert solver

I am trying to solve for an optimal multi-gravity assist trajectory from Earth to Saturn using Matlab. I have already solved for the departure and arrival velocities from and to each planet using a ...
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What Jovian system science targets would be suitable for Jupiter gravity assist flyby missions with other primary purposes?

Flying by Jupiter for gravity assist, and with the Oberth effect bonus, has been used for multiple missions to other outer planets and to comets. And has potential for use even for missions aiming at ...
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