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Questions regarding Hayabusa, an unmanned spacecraft developed by JAXA to return a sample from 25143 Itokawa to Earth.

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CesiumJS: Hayabusa 2 location w.r.t Earth

Given these coordinates w.r.t Sun: Hayabusa: x = 86014493 y = 112689997 z = 54295960 Earth: x = 82241037 y = 112748971 z = 48876281 How do I calculate Hayabusa coordinates w.r.t Earth center? I ...
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Actual mass of Hayabusa samples in 2010?

Whatever I read I find Hayavusa brought some microscopic particles. But what was the mass of the sample?
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What are the differences in technology between OSIRIS-REx and Hayabusa missions?

Up to now two spacecraft have been launched for an asteroid sample return mission. The first one Hayabusa is a completed mission and now OSIRIS-REx is an ongoing mission. Hayabusa was launched in 2003,...
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Are any precautions in place to prevent loss of the Rosetta Lander the way Hayabusa's MINERVA was?

Back in 2005, Hayabusa carried a mini-rover 'MINERVA'. MINERVA was a Solar Powered entity designed to hop around on Itokawa, and capture images. Unfortunately (perhaps due to the time-lag) MINERVA was ...
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