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14 votes
3 answers

Why aren't the ISS HDEV cameras left on at night?

When watching the ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment, I realized that they turn the cameras off when the ISS enters night. How often are they turned off when its dark? How come they aren't left on?
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4 answers

What happened to the HDEV ISS Experiment? Is it over?

I've been checking on and off for a few weeks now and the offline logo seems to be always there. Is the program over? Is there another website that shows current views? Thanks for your time!
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5 votes
2 answers

Besides the (currently down) HDEV, are there other public live video feeds from the ISS?

I am working on spacecraft simulation software, and I would like to validate my ISS simulation that uses ISS-Mimic's code to connect to live ISS telemetry. I already have some early validation done ...
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How is the atmosphere in the pressurized housing of ISS' HDEV cameras managed? Outgassing addressed?

This answer says: The ISS live feed uses the cameras of the HDEV experiment. This is a group of four cameras in a pressurized housing attached to the outside of the ISS. A hermetically sealed ...
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HDEV Goodbye Video- similar projects planned?

I just found that nice "Goodbye HDEV" video on the Columbus-Eye-Projekt-Webpage. ( Seems like the HDEV-housing is already burned during re-entry. Does anyone know ...
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