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Questions tagged [health]

Questions regarding effects on health by activities, prolonged stay, or exposure to environmental elements in space, celestial bodies, or space stations. Predominantly questions pertaining to health of human inhabitants, or astronauts. Questions pertaining to health of other, non-human organisms should include additional tags for further categorization.

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Variable Gravity, how long in each?

Centrifugal force can be used to simulate gravity in space vehicles. Assume the "gravity" in our space vehicle can provide environments ranging from 2 gravities to none (micro), either by changing ...
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How much does back-scattered ionizing radiation contribute to radiation totals on the Moon?

How much is the radiation dose from cosmic rays lowered if a view only sees the ground, and not the sky? Leave aside shielding, and just taking as a starting point that the sky is completely blocked, ...
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Artificial Gravity - How much is needed per day?

Has any research been conducted or is anything known about how much time must be spent in 1G per 24 hours in order to preserve good health? Assume that this refers to an extended space-journey. The ...
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What is the impact of micro-G environment and magnetic field in LEO on blood flow and brain function?

How are sleeping and cognition in microgravity, with rapid changes in magnetic field, different from the normal human life on Earth?
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Astronauts' sleeping heart rate on the ISS

On Earth during non-REM sleep a person's heart rate goes down. Does the same thing happen on the ISS, or does the non-REM sleeping heart rate remain close to the heart rate of the astronaut while ...
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Is the radiation exposure in a spacecraft window seat significantly different than other areas of the cabin?

Does an astronaut seated next to a window get more exposure to harmful radiation (and if so, which types of radiation) than an astronaut somewhere else in the cabin at the same time? Related: Is ...
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What are the physical requirements of an astronaut for a Mars mission likely to be?

I realize that there's a lot of speculation involved here, but current actual mission profiles have PT programs and general wellness specifications. It seems like the qualifications would be a ...
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Space astro/cosmo-naut rejection due to fine veins

Related to the question, Are all modern astronauts at least passable phlebotomists? Some people have clearly defined veins which allow for easy insertion of needles or cannulas, however, some people ...
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Do ISS crews have to worry about the ionosphere? Have hazards to EVAs or surface arcing/functional anomalies happened due to ionospheric charing?

Comments below this answer tell us that the International Space Station always remained in Earth's atmosphere. It orbits in the thermosphere and simultaneously the ionosphere. This answer to How do ...
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What are current epidemiologic standards for space?

In the recent Mars series by National Geographic I've seen that an astronaut dies from a brain tumor because it "was not part of screening". Now could this be real and what are health standards for ...
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