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5 votes
3 answers

How does a radiator work fast enough on a space craft?

Basically, after some heat exchanger, a fluid is pumped to a radiator and then releases its heat to the void of space. But I'm having a hard time seeing how that is done fast enough. The fluid should ...
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How much electrical energy is required to dissipate heat?

I'm modeling the electrical energy consumption of a chemical reactor for the Moon base. The reaction taking place in this reactor is highly exothermic, and the device must be cooled. My question is ...
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1 answer

Why does ISS uses liquid ammonia in the Active Thermal Control System?

I saw this today and it made me very curious. See page 8 here: Ammonia has a boiling point of -30 C. The ammonia is liquid in these loops, so if ever ...
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In what conditions are the electronics of New Horizons housed?

In one of answers to the question What are the long term effects of Space Weathering on man-made materials? there is a link to Wikipedia article about Kapton. In this article mentioned that NASA's ...
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4 votes
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Does the proposed Voyager Station solar power arrangement make sense?

The Gateway Foundation has proposed a rotating space station with solar panels on the "hot side" (always facing the sun)/ This is to maximize power generation and minimize heating by keeping the body ...
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How much heat is reabsorbed by a high-speed object?

I have been playing around with an app to demonstrate high speed objects entering earth's atmosphere. I am using the drag equation to approximate how much kinetic energy gets converted into heat at ...
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Design considerations for a space suit going to Mars?

Essentially, I am trying to design a heat exchanger for a space suit traveling to mars. From my understanding, I assumed that the energy generated from the space suit relates to the astronaut as well ...
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Apollo CM heat shield burnt pattern around RCS thrusters

Looking through photos of Apollo CM capsules after reentry, I was trying to have a feel for how the heat was distributed on the sides of the capsule. By the look of surviving patches of Mylar tape ...
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What can be done to get the heat-flow probe next to the Insight lander moving downwards again?

This article of July 12,2019 tells us that in late June 2019 NASA engineers succesfully lifted off the HP³ support structure of the Martian surface and obtained a clear view of the half-submerged heat-...
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what is the temperature of solar panels used in space missions such as ISS

I want to know what is the temperature range of solar panel used in space missions. What is the maximum temperature of solar panels reached in space? How does it affect the efficiency of solar panel? ...
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