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Starship vs submarine hull [duplicate]

Just out of curiosity, which can endure higher internal pressure - submarine hull or starship fuel tank? Any comparative figures in bars? I guess, in vaccum explosion can happen and under the deep sea,...
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How rover landing is achieved on planets with very low atmospheric pressure?

I would like to understand how safe landing of a rover is achieved on mars or any other planet where the pressure is very low. Is it achieved by releasing gas from high pressure to low pressure. I ...
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How does composition change if you extend an Earthlike atmosphere 50km below sea level? [closed]

I'm working to design a fictional planet inspired by Venus (let's call it Cael). At an altitude of 50 km, Cael's atmosphere is essentially identical to Earth's atmosphere at sea level, and parallels ...
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What is the maximum pressure a rocket body can experience?

Given that the alloys (typically made of aluminum or titanium) are optimized for being as light and as durable as possible, what is the maximum pressure a rocket like the Falcon 9 would be designed to ...
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How would the rocket differ in a higher atmospheric or ambient pressure?

I imagine the both rocket nozzles in either environment underwater or Jupiter or underground would have to be different than that of standard rocket nozzles because of the back pressure. In this ...
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What is the maximum speed can a space rocket can travel with an air pressure of 14psi? [closed]

What is the highest threshold speed of a space rocket traveling in an air pressure of 14psi with all of its stages if they where able to leave a solo at Mach 1 or more? Related: What benefits can be ...
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Mechanical computing hardware for a future Venusian rover? How does it work?

I don't know why Gizmodo says NASA's Latest Venus Probe Concept Looks Like a Tim Burton Creation, because it looks far more like a Theo Jansen creation! Compare videos below as well. I can understand ...
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How does Falcon 9 mitigate re-entry pressure?

I was reading this question about Falcon 9's re-entry Max Q, which states that the Falcon 9 has a re-entry pressure 3 times higher than during launch. I was shocked, because SpaceX takes precautions ...
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Is the pressurization of propellant tanks necessary for structural integrity?

Propellant tank pressurization is a critical aspect of liquid propellant rocket design. Many designs use high pressure helium, heated and recirculated, however the propellant gases themselves can be ...
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Problems compressing the helium tanks inside the F9 2nd stage LOX tank at the last minute?

A recent "Anomaly Update" dated September 23, 1:00pm EDT by SpaceX, includes the sentence: "At this stage of the investigation, preliminary review ...
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What is the problem with pressure?

Among other reasons, the high pressure of Venus and the gas giants atmospheres are often stated as one of the major problems for an unmanned lander. They say the pressure will "crush" the probe. Why ...
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Maximum survivable atmospheric pressure

Given a similar mix of gases to those in our Earth's atmosphere, what is the upper limit of survivable atmospheric pressure for a human? Could a human survive higher pressures with a gas mix unlike ...
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