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Questions about the H2 Transfer Vehicle (HTV) launched by the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) on an H2-B booster as a cargo ship to the ISS.

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Do astronauts on the ISS ever secure unpressurized cargo with an EVA to then be brought inside through an airlock?

Spacex's Dragon and JAXA's HTV are currently the only vehicles that can bring unpressurized cargo in addition to the pressurized one inside the vehicle. In the odd event that the ISS urgently needs ...
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How is this reentrant storage area on JAXA's HTV 8 protected during launch?

The image below is from Spaceflight Now's Fresh batteries, experiments on the way to the International Space Station In the photo there appears to be a giant reentrant "hole" in the side of the HTV ...
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How does the HTV Small Return Capsule get used?

The HTV Small Return Capsule (HSRC) is on the HTV-7 mission to the ISS. It is a sample return, small capsule, shaped as you would expect, like a small Apollo/Orion/Dragon shape. It is shipped up ...
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Does naming cargo space craft indicate intentions?

ESA committed to launching 5 ATV vehicles. All 5 were named. JAXA has committed to a limited number of HTV launches. And all have been named. Orbital has contracted for 8 launches, and seems to be ...
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Will the ISS need more docking ports?

Currently the ISS has two basic segments, the Russian and US sides. The Russian side has 4 docking ports. Usually occupied by 2 Soyuz, 1 or 2 Progress freighters or an ESA ATV vehicle. You can see ...
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