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How did Skylab's "space shower" work?

Skylab had a shower to help the astronauts bathe. How did the astronauts get wet? (Fixed nozzle, movable showerhead, etc.; volume of water) How did they get themselves dry? How did they contain and ...
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Can I freshen my clothes on the ISS with a clothes line?

There are a number of questions about washing clothes on the ISS, the short answer is that they do NOT wash them. Nudism in space: Why wear clothes anyway? Washing clothes in space: are there any ...
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145 votes
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Nudism in space: Why wear clothes anyway?

Currently, doing laundry in microgravity is an unsolved engineering problem. The result is that clean clothes on the International Space Station have become a consumable resource. Clean clothes get ...
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How is the space station's interior cleaned?

The ISS is a pretty messy place, as in the image here. I have a cable mess under my desk that quickly traps dust and takes some effort to be cleaned. The ISS is much worse. And it has been crewed ...
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Can you take a bath on Mars?

A common picture of someone floating on the Dead Sea or Great Salt Lake, shows how high you float. l If you had that water in a bath tub, I don't think you would sink to the bottom, you would just ...
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How are hair and beard lengths maintained in space?

From the question What are the regulations governing (against) beards in space? we know that hair and beard length are not regulated on the ISS. For the most part pictures indicate both men and women ...
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