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How does hypergravity affect the human body?

What would happen to humans if we set foot on Kepler-442b, where the surface gravity is predicted to be about 30% percent stronger than that of earth? If humans colonized the planet, would it then ...
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Are there ICD-10 codes for space?

Today (October 1, 2015) the diagnosis codes known as ICD-10 went live in the US. I was wondering if there are any that are specific to spacecraft, space stations, or hypo- or hyper-gravity?
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How could the gravitational pull of a comet affect spacecraft and astronauts landing on it?

When I researched the gravity on comets like on 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko's surface I found that it was several hundred thousand times weaker than on Earth source:
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Given limits on acceleration for human space flight, what are the minimum travel times in our solar system for real powered journeys? [duplicate]

The human body has a limit of being able to withstand, roughly, 2g for very long periods without causing too many health problems. An engine technology, that could produce constant thrust producing ...
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Maximum survivable long term g-forces

I assume this hasn't got a precise answer, but I was wondering if anyone had an indication of the maximum survivable long term g-forces, if the persons positioning was optimal? For example, could you ...
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Adapting to Increased Gravity on Alien Planets

What would mankind use in order to adapt or merely cope with the effects of a large increase of gravity on an alien world? Assuming there are no other problems we would face.
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Have there been any studies on the health impacts of prolonged high G?

If you are flying to Mars or elsewhere, and you want to use a centrifuge to 'make 1G' to keep the passengers healthy, why not increase it (slowly) so they are actually at 2G's? Seems like this would ...
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