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ISRO’s decision not to participate in the International Space Station Program

ISRO has a well-established and successful space program, with many notable achievements to its credit. However, despite its capabilities and expertise in the field of space exploration, ISRO did not ...
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Federal Limitations on Model Rocketry in India

I am hoping to find information on the rules regarding model rocket launches in India. How high can I fly? How heavy can a custom rocket be? Can I legally make and fly custom engines/motors?
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Can the Indian government ask SpaceX to pay for bandwidth usage in its airspace?

Any telecom operator who wants to launch their services in India has to pay billions of USD to the Indian government. My query is if I'm using SpaceX Starlink based data, can the Indian government ...
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What are the operating systems and network stack in the Chandrayaan - 2 vehicles?

I am trying to find the information about the operating systems that are run in all of the Chandrayaan - 2 vehicles, the orbiter, lander and Rover. Are these just firmwares? Or how are different ...
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Is India having the military capability to "take out" a satellite in orbit still in question?

BBC News's article SpaceCom: Trump launches space warfare command says at the end: China, Russia and the US have all tested weapons that are capable of taking out a satellite, according to research ...
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Is there any asian company competing with SpaceX?

By Asian I mean India, China, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. I wish to know if there is any company which could possibly develop technical know-how and actually launch something to LEO at least on it's own.
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How does the US's 2008 debris cloud compare to India's 2019 and China's 2007 contributions?

The NPR News article NASA: Debris From India's Anti-Satellite Test Raised Threat To Space Station discusses last week's antisatellite test by India described further in answers to India just shot down ...
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What did India's recently tested ASAT vehicle really look like?

Following up to India just shot down a satellite from the ground. At what altitude range is the resulting debris field? which shows the first image below (also seen in video) I also found the second ...
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India just shot down a satellite from the ground. At what altitude range is the resulting debris field?

This tweet from India's prime minister Narendra Modi says: मेरे प्यारे देशवासियों, आज सवेरे लगभग 11.45 - 12.00 बजे मैं एक महत्वपूर्ण संदेश लेकर आप के बीच आऊँगा। I would be addressing the nation at ...
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