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Misting/Fogging Nozzles as Rocket Injectors

Misting and Fogging Nozzles are nozzles often used in irrigation and cooling. They basically use high pressure to break the liquid into tiny droplets achieving really great atomization. I think these ...
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Is there a significant reason why pintle injectors are only used in single configuration?

All of the resources I've managed to track down thus far about pintle injectors concern engines which only use a single, large central pintle for the entirety (or vast majority) of propellant supply ...
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What's this inside the RD-0120?

There is a decent shot of the RD-0120's inside in this video: I guess it's something covering the injector plate or even the combustion chamber since the SSME's injector looks very differently: Also,...
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Injector design - LOX vs nitrous oxide

What will be the main design differences between using liquid oxygen and liquid nitrous oxide as oxidizer in a bi-propellant rocket engine? What liquid/gas properties (vapor pressure etc.) play the ...
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How to experimentally determine the degree of atomization of the propellants mixing in a fuel injector?

When validating a fuel injector design on a test stand using liquid water to simulate a liquid-liquid fuel injector(the one i'm working with currently is a pintle design but I suppose one could ...
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Freezing problem of hydrocarbon fuels in a LOX cooled engine

I assume that in a LOX/RP-1 engine where RP-1 is used as a coolant, we need not consider the freezing issues. The reason for my assumption is that we need not bring the chamber and injectors to the ...
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Does injection provide any significant thrust?

In all liquid rockets, you've got to inject the fuel into the combustion chamber at a higher pressure than the combustion chamber itself. This is why turbopumps may be used--to raise the pressure ...
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For F1 rocket engine, why propellant holes were not in proportion to the fuel to oxidizer ratio?

I understand that the F1 rocket engine had (approximately) 1428 Oxidizer holes and (approximately) 1404 Fuel (RP1) holes in the injector plate. Since the Oxidizer to fuel ratio was 2.27:1 for the F1 ...
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What formula to calculate the surface tension between the Ethanol and Liquid Oxygen?

I am working on Pintle Injectors and require the formula to calculate the surface tension between ethanol and liquid oxygen to find the Sauter Mean Diameter ?
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Do any rocket engines besides the F1 need/require baffles?

The F1 engine required baffles on the injector plate to control combustion instabilities so that it wouldn't blow itself up. Was that unique? Or do other engines also have baffles for the same reason? ...
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How to analytically estimate the pressure loss through an liquid injector?

A simple orifice and a pipe have well-documented pressure loss calculation. But when an injector has complicated flow patterns, is it possible to break it down into simpler sections by which the ...
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Which is preferred for liquid atomization - gas & liquid shear or liquid & liquid shear?

For generating a spray of droplets, liquid need to be disintegrated/atomized through shear forces. Typical injectors in IC engines and aircraft use shear between gas & liquid at the phase ...
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