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Questions about financial protection against the loss of a vehicle, payload, or crew; or to cover the legal liability caused by spaceflight.

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Chance of ceramic board surviving re-entry on 3U CubeSat?

We're building a 3U CubeSat and have concerns about a ceramic PCB used in one of our experiments. Since ceramics have such a high melting temperature, we're not sure if the heat transfer during re-...
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What was an "insurance cover"?

The drawing below reads "This insurance cover is from my personal space collection. Charles M. Duke Jr." What was an insurance cover?
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2 answers

Is there a list of insured satellites?

SwissRe and other reinsurers state that 21 LEO satellites and 167 GEO satellites are insured, but I was wondering if more information was available on that. Also, are satellites fully insured? Or ...
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How will insurance work for manned commercial missions?

I know that commercial satellite missions have insurance, but will they cover the same thing for manned missions? Has there been any sort of publication talking about this sort of thing?
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Will the James Webb Space Telescope be insured against launch failure?

Most commercial satellites are insured in case something bad happens on launch. Although the Ariane 5 is a fairly reliable rocket, a launch failure is not out of the question. While other questions ...
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Was Amos 6 insured for pre-launch operations?

The Falcon 9 rocket, complete with the Amos 6 payload, just blew up (Or RUDed) on the launch pad. I believe the standard language for most launch insurances is that it is only covered after "...
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Who provides the insurance for SpaceX launches?

With the recovery of the first stage on their most recent launch, I was excited and congratulatory, of course. Then my thoughts went forward to the re-use of this launch vehicle. It would seem that ...
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