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With our current technology, how large could we make a useable space-based VLBI telescope?

I am trying to find an equation that models the current technical limits that we have on creating an effective space-based VLBI telescope. Variables that are likely relevant in the model: distance of ...
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Radio Telescope / DSN Node in L4 and/or L5

Deploying really big radio dishes in space seems to be possible and "frequently" done with SIGINT satellites in geosynchronous orbit (like the assumed specs of the Orion satellite class). ...
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NASA SIM (Space Interferometry Mission) - how mature technically it was at the moment of cancellation?

NASA's SIM mission was canceled in 2010. It was planned as first optical interferometer in space. I couldn't find answer - how technically mature the mission was when it was canceled? How far it was ...
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A telescope aperture the size of the solar system

If large space telescopes were placed in the L4 and L5 lagrangian points of Neptune's orbit, could optical interferometry be used to make an aperture the size of the entire solar system? What level of ...
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Infrared space interferometry - Why isn't it being done?

Spektr-R is a 10 meter diameter radio telescope in Earth's orbit with an apogee of 338,000 km, nearly a Lunar distance. It does interferometry together with the Very-Long-Baseline Interferometry ...
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How will "precision formation flying" likely be first demonstrated?

The OP of the question Would a lunar telescope provide a significant improvement over terrestrial based equipment? got slightly trounced for asking "the wrong question", but this answer does address ...
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