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Infrared space interferometry - Why isn't it being done?

Spektr-R is a 10 meter diameter radio telescope in Earth's orbit with an apogee of 338,000 km, nearly a Lunar distance. It does interferometry together with the Very-Long-Baseline Interferometry ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Radio Telescope / DSN Node in L4 and/or L5

Deploying really big radio dishes in space seems to be possible and "frequently" done with SIGINT satellites in geosynchronous orbit (like the assumed specs of the Orion satellite class). ...
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2 votes
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How will "precision formation flying" likely be first demonstrated?

The OP of the question Would a lunar telescope provide a significant improvement over terrestrial based equipment? got slightly trounced for asking "the wrong question", but this answer does address ...
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