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Project Pluto asks: "Should high-flying space junk be better tracked? Perhaps by an 'official' agency of some sort?" What would it take to implement?

The identity of the object that will hit the Moon in early March is still uncertain. Some of the story is in Why did we think that the object was gonna hit the Moon March 4th 2022? Who's been ...
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Who is the State of Registry for ALL the SpaceBEE satellites?

SpaceBEEs are tiny satellites engineered and exploited by the company Swarm Technologies. In 2018, it made headlines by sending 4 experimental satellites on a ride-share of the Indian rocket PSLV, ...
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Is the United Nations Outer Space Objects Index anything more than a clone of the Celestrak's Satcat? Is it even that, or less?

This looks like this answer because that's where I found this. Ars Technica's SpaceX Starlink engineers take questions in Reddit AMA—here are highlights included a reader poll when I viewed it, screen ...
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What plans are in place or being considered for management of the far side of the moon?

Popular potential uses of the far side of the moon include radio telescopes & mining for Helium-3 (good potential for use as a fuel in fusion reactors). These two activities are not necessarily ...
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Are there international regulations for launching objects into space?

In the United States access to space is restricted by the FCC / FAA, which licenses private, commercial, and government entities for potential launches into space. Is there any international ...