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Why is the value of the Isp of the Rocketdyne J-2 Saturn V engine in my calculation so off?

While calculating the delta V the Saturn V has on its second stage, I wanted to also calculate the Isp of the J2 rockets engines. However, the value difference between my results and the values given ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Which are more efficient: oxidizer-rich or fuel rich rocket engines?

Several internet articles claim that the high Isp of the Soviet RD-180 engine (as used in the Atlas III and V launch vehicles) was (at least partially) due to the fact the RD-180 ran oxidizer-rich, ...
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How high is the ISP of a fire extinguisher

After seeing this question Flying around on a fire extinguisher I wondered how high the ISP of a fire extinguisher is. What is the ISP of a fire extinguisher?
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Has combustion chamber water injection been used in RP1 rocket engine design?

Goddard’s rocket, the V2 rocket and Redstone all used water in their Alcohol fuel for combustion temperature control. To the best of my knowledge, water has not been used in RP1 fueled rockets for ...
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What's the typical temperature of a reactor core in a nuclear thermal rocket?

I am curious of the typical temperature of a nuclear fission reactor in a NTR and I heard that increasing temperature could increase Isp but couldn't find any useful data online. Please provide viable ...
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