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Questions tagged [isro]

Questions about Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), its missions, research projects, and other activities financed, organized, planned, managed, or otherwise arranged under this organization's umbrella.

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Has there ever been a non-negligible probability of conjunction between spacecrafts in Lunar orbit?

Apparently ISRO's Chandrayaan-2 orbiter and NASA's LRO narrowly avoided a possible conjunction event in Lunar orbit due to timely assessment and action of both agencies.
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What was Chandrayaan-1's ground track?

I was looking for a map of Chandrayaan-1's ground track, but I wasn't able to find one. I'm looking for something like this:              &...
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Is ISRO Making a Methane Engine?

I'd read some stray comment on the internet claiming that ISRO is working on a methane-LOX engine, just as a technology demonstrator. Is this true?
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Info needed on PSLV launch adaptors and configurations

I want to understand how satellites are accommodated in PSLV. I know about few configurations and adaptors that've been used in the past. Is there any document which gives detailed info on Multiple ...
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Did India purchase the Gaganyaan design from Russia?

Gaganyaan is an orbital crew module under development by the Indian Space Research Organisation. Sources indicate a design based on the Russian Soyuz: As of 2015 the design utilized a Soyuz-shaped ...
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What will MOM do when Earth isn't looking?

A quick follow-up to Is each instrument on ISRO MOM independently in 24x7 contact with Earth? Every 26 months Sol interposes to occult Earth from the gaze of the Warlord. The last time this occurred ...
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Do sounding rockets need a license to be launched?

I am just curious to know if any kind of license is needed to launch a sounding rocket? If yes, then what kind of licenses are there for sounding rocket launches.
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Why does the PSLV first stage's exhaust plume turn to bluish at high altitude?

After few seconds, post liftoff(anywhere between 60s and 90s), the exhaust plume of PSLV turns into a bluish colour. This is quite evident in night launches than day launches(obviously because the ...
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Is each instrument on ISRO MOM independently in 24x7 contact with Earth?

The ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission web-site writes to say Mars Orbiter Mission carries five scientific payloads to observe Martian surface, atmosphere and exosphere extending up to 80,000 km for a ...
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Is there any major difference between acceleration of solid propelled and liquid propelled rockets during launch

Few days ago, ISRO launched its PSLV-C53, which had solid first stage. (Clip here) Also, the SpaceX's starlink launched on 24th July, 2022, having liquid first stage. (Clip here) Is there any major ...
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Why was ISRO's MOM-2 Mars orbiter mission's apoarion already decided in such an early call for proposals?

ISRO's announcement Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for future Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM-2) says in part: It is now planned to have the next orbiter mission around Mars for a future launch ...
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