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International Traffic in Arms Regulations(ITAR) is a broad weapons control law in the United States that governs the export of rocket technology. Use with the [united-states] tag. Use only for the application of the law as regarding to rockets. Legal questions may be asked on

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From which NASA publication originates/where can I find the color version of this SSME flow diagram?

Sorry to ask such a similar question as the last one, but I already marked that one as answered. My friend who works at the Endeavour exhibit in LA found this diagram left on the ground after a ...
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Are there any space capable countries without ITAR laws?

In the US, the draconian ITAR laws prevent an open source space program from being founded, and make it incredibly difficult to found any aerospace company in general. Are there any countries that ...
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Why doesn't NASA release all the aerospace technology into public domain?

NASA is a publicly funded US governmental agency, yet it does not seem to release all the technology it develops into public domain for people being able to study it and learn from it. For instance, ...
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Can I release rocket plans or software under open-source licensing without running afoul of ITAR?

Related, but focused on export of hardware rather than laws on publishing data: Can I make a completely ITAR-free spaceship? Quite reasonably, a launch vehicle capable of taking a payload to orbit is ...
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Can I make a completely ITAR-free spaceship?

Edit: I need to completely rewrite this question. Is it possible (either theoretically possible, or realistically possible) for a suffciently well-funded USA-based organization to make a complete ...
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Are software defined GNSS (GPS) receivers legal under ITAR and other export regulations?

With the latest update to ITAR rules, it looks like covered GNSS receivers are defined as follows: (2) Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiving equipment, as follows: (i) GNSS receiving ...
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ITAR regulation on reaction wheels

I'm performing a design exercise for the design of attitude control system using reaction wheels as control actuators. During the analysis, I noticed few interesting options from suppliers in the US. ...
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Are US Space companies favored to purchase subsystems from US only suppliers. Are there any specific laws that dictate this?

While i was doing a study on spacecraft subsystems for satellites launched, I noticed that many of the subsystems aboard an American satellite are derived from companies based in the US. By common ...
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What computer programs does ITAR say I can or can not write, or share, or use in the US?

After reading this answer by someone knowledgeable in the field, I realized that I still don't understand even a little bit what International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) (and its cousins) does ...
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How does ITAR affect SpaceX's display of the Orbcomm first stage outside their headquarters?

There was a time, where people touring the SLC-40 facility were not allowed to take pictures of the engine end of the first stage for ITAR reasons. It appears that has relaxed since I have seen lots ...
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