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Questions tagged [jupiter]

Questions about the exploration of the planet Jupiter.

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Was there a close call for Voyager 2's extended mission due to lost uplink during the Jupiter encounter?

In Uplink-Downlink (2001), Douglas Mudgway says: "[The Jupiter radiation environment] . . . resulted in loss of the uplink connection with the [Voyager 2] spacecraft on the day after encounter. ...
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How close a crewed spacecraft could orbit Jupiter?

How close could a crewed spacecraft orbit Jupiter? I read that Juno was as close as 5,000 km from Jupiter's top clouds, but I'm wondering about a spacecraft with humans inside (provided it's protected ...
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Why is it that harmful for astronauts and technology to get too far into Jupiter's magnetosphere? Shouldn't it rather be protective?

Jupiter's radiation belts make it impossible for astronauts to stay on Io, Europa and Ganymede over extended periods of time, as well as getting too close to Jupiter at all. I wonder how close would ...
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How much lead (kg) would you need to survive for an extended period of time in Jupiter’s radiation belts?

Imagine you have a 1 by 1 by 2 meter chamber that a human needs to survive in for one year, while orbiting in Jupiter’s radiation belts. How much lead, in weight, would have to surround the chamber to ...
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Obtaining Europa's samples from Callisto. Possible to identify them? Worthwhile?

A lot has been discussed about the possibility of panspermia between Earth and Mars, and how compact systems such as Trappist-1 can be more prone to that. Here on Earth, we have identified numerous ...
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Could electrodynamic tethers power long-term unmanned satellites around the Sun, Jupiter, or Saturn?

Assuming you have the budget to research electrodynamic tether powered unmanned satellites, and you had a cheap way of getting them in to earth low earth orbit, would they be able to use electricity ...
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Do rocket exhausts produce an electromagnetic signature to allow remote sensing of said rocket?

Rocket exhaust contains ions, the composition of which varies depending on temperature and fuel. and Figure 12 : ...
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Relativistic aerobraking

If I have a spacecraft flying at 90 percent the speed of light and it slams into Jupiter's upper atmosphere, by how much would it slow down? It's for a story idea. Thanks.
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What resources are available to turn into storable hypergolic on the Jovian moons

I was thinking about whether a mission utilizing ISRU on a lander to refuel a transfer craft. However, I don't know how to figure out what materials are available in large quantity ON THE EQUATORIAL ...
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Arctic underwater analogue?

Just want to know if the underneath of the arctic ice sheet is a viable analogue for underwater habitation on the larger moons of the gas giants? (Galilean, large Saturnian) I feel like it would be a ...
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Why do Saturn's rings have the most ice in them?

From what I've read, Saturn's rings are the most visible because they have an icy structure that makes it so the light is more reflective. Why is that the case, and why do other rings of the gas ...
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Did JUNO adjust it's orbit in order to fly over Clyde's spot again?'s Juno returns to 'Clyde's Spot' on Jupiter says: The feature is informally named for amateur astronomer Clyde Foster of Centurion, South Africa, who discovered it in 2020 using his own 14-...
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What Jovian system science targets would be suitable for Jupiter gravity assist flyby missions with other primary purposes?

Flying by Jupiter for gravity assist, and with the Oberth effect bonus, has been used for multiple missions to other outer planets and to comets. And has potential for use even for missions aiming at ...
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Is there believed to be sharp boundary between Jupiter's liquid and metallic hydrogen layers and is there much convection and flow between them?

If it's not known, is it reasonable to assume that some Jupiter-like exoplanets might have well separated liquid and metallic hydrogen layers given moderately different temperature and mass? Author: ...
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