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Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) (est. 1989), the aeronautics and space agency of Republic of Korea (South Korea)

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KARI's homegrown KSLV-II almost hit the target orbit on its very first launch. How many OLVs can boast success on the first flight attempt?

Outdated: KSLV-II is a homegrown South Korean orbital launch vehicle. While KARI's launched the Russian-derived KSLV-I before, KSLV-II (or Nuri) uses only new, domestic, hitherto un-flight-tested ...
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Where can I read further on the specs the South Korean engine for next month's sub-orbital test?

Ars Technica's weekly installment of Rocket Report: SpaceX gets Moon launches, South Korean rocket, BE-4 wins says: South Korea to test first-stage engine. The Korea Aerospace Research Institute says ...
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