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Questions regarding methods or forms of communication, either spoken or written.

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"Honi soit qui mal y pense"

In the Apollo 11 LEM source code, in the Burn Baby Burn master ignition routine, one of the most emphasized comment is a French citation, HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE. ...
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Official or designated human language in outer space

During the latter part of the last millennium, I can recall playing the board game Trivial Pursuit. During one game, one of the questions was along the lines of "What is the official or ...
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How are astronaut nametags printed when their family name is first?

It is traditional in English and Russian to print a person's given name before their family name. However, there are some languages where that order is reversed. When flying on an American or Russian ...
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What are the appropriate phrases to use to wish an astronaut safe travels? [closed]

When you want to wish an astronaut "safe travels", what particular phrases are commonly used? I'm looking for historical phrases as well as more modern. Although I'm more interested in English ...
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Why does SpaceIL's Beresheet landing graphics show m\s instead of m/s?

I just noticed that the software displayed in the video of the landing had the velocity and acceleration units with a backslash (m\s) instead of the usual convention of a forward slash (m/s). Out of ...
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What does "masquerading zero gravity" mean?

From the book Packing for Mars: An entire odd universe of mock outer space has grown up here on earth. Capsules that never blast off; hospital wards where healthy people spend months on their ...
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Is DRAKON Still in use Today?

DRAKON is a Russian language standard programming interface which was created for the Soviet space program. It had the added benefit of being a visual language, and possibly the first for the Soviet ...
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What language is most commonly spoken on the ISS?

It is clear from the answer to this question that all astro- or cosmonauts need to study English or Russian, whichever is not their native tongue. But as a practical matter, what language prevails for ...
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Do the ISS crew also study Russian language?

I was watching this video and I realized that all the instruments on the Soyuz spacecraft is in Russian. So how can the non-Russian crew use those instruments? Do they also study Russian before the ...
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What language does ISRO use for radio communication?

Wikipedia lists both Hindi and English as the official languages of ISRO. But what language does ISRO use for radio communication? Say they launch a manned mission, which language would they use to ...
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Do ISS astronauts have to be conversant in both English and Russian?

I've noticed that some of the American astronauts on the ISS can speak (at least a smattering of) Russian and similarly, some of the Russian cosmonauts are fluent in English. Is such bilinguality a ...
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