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Questions tagged [launch-assist]

Methods of helping launch rockets using methods other than rocket stages, such as mass drivers, high altitude launch, and other approaches.

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38 votes
10 answers

Why don't we use catapults to get to space?

Stupid question obviously. But did you ever had an idea which sounded so brilliant, but you know it is totally stupid? So, lets hear my idea: Do you know how we launch jet fighters from navy ships? ...
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13 votes
3 answers

What would make a rocket sled launch feasible?

Wikipedia introduces the idea of a Rocket Sled Launch (also catapult launch, ramped launch, etc) as follows: With this concept the launch vehicle is supported by an eastward pointing rail or maglev ...
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15 votes
3 answers

What are the biggest challenges for high altitude rail-gun launch systems?

Use a maglev railgun for initial acceleration - in a new, hyperbolic tunnel facing eastward - this exits from the burrowed -undergrade- track to Equadors' Mt. Chimborazo peak - (a mountaintop both 6 ...
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5 votes
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Is non-evacuated tube maglev launch possible? [duplicate]

I heard about evacuated tube transportation technology and it's application to launch cargo or even shuttles to space. Example of such project would be StarTram. The fact that acceleration phase to ...
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What barriers are there to creating a reusable rocket sled lanchpad? [duplicate]

The ideal rocket sled launch is building a track that accelerates a rocket (via linear motors or something like that) up the side of a tall mountain. Not only could this save huge amounts of fuel, but ...
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