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Engine failure: how to detect?

Saturn V would automatically initiate launch abort if: Launch vehicle rates exceeded a threshold (4 deg pitch/yaw, 20 deg roll) Two or more booster engines dropped below 90 % rated thrust I'm ...
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Logic sequencing: From fault detection to launch escape?

So I'm working on fault insertion for my launch simulation. It's basic: I flip a switch to kill the booster engines of my choice. If two or more engines die, separation is triggered and the launch ...
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Crew Dragon: Could launch escape thrust determine payload capacity?

The superdracos in Dragon's launch escape system each produce $\color{black}{\texttt{71.2 kN}}$ (16,000 lbf) of thrust. There are eight superdracos, giving a combined thrust of $\color{black}{\texttt{...
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Change in drag coefficient when Dragon flips over on launch escape?

Consider the Falcon 9. In emergencies, the launch escape system will fire to separate and propel the crew module away from the rocket. After the engine shuts down, the payload trunk will separate ...
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From attitude control malfunction to launch escape Go signal?

I’ve seen and read about launch failures caused by crossed thrust vectoring wires which fed rock and tilt commands to the wrong engine gimbal actuators (rock command going to tilt cylinder and tilt ...
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