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Questions on launch complexes, spaceports or other locales for the launch of spacecraft.

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How much did it cost to refurbish the Launch Complex 39 hardware after an Apollo Saturn V launch?

A launch pad used for a rocket of some 30-35 MNewtons of thrust does not come out of it unscathed. It must be refurbished before it can be used again. How much does that cost? As an indication of such ...
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Why was the "lunar launch window" different between the Cape Canaveral and Baikonur launch sites?

I'm reading A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts (page 78), and I was confused about this passage: As the fall of 1968 wore on, apprehension surfaced once more within NASA. Would ...
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Maximum Acceleration for NASA's Transport Crawler while carrying Saturn V

I was reading about the transport crawler and one detail that seems to be not covered in any of the lay-person's easily accessible literature is the recommended acceleration for the transport while ...
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Canso, NS as a launch site

I read a recent press release from Maritime Launch Systems and looked up their proposed launch site location in Nova Scotia, Canada. I don't understand why this location was chosen. If I were looking ...
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Did the flare stacks at LC39 have pilot lights?

The liquid hydrogen fuel in the space shuttles would slowly boil off, while they waited on the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center launch complex 39A or 39B. The hydrogen vapors were removed by the ...
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How many rising pipes for LOX at the the Saturn V launch tower?

The Saturn V used liquid oxygen for all three stages plus the Apollo Service Module. Were all these LOX tanks filled using the same rising pipe or did they use a seperate pipe for each tank? Using ...
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Australian rocket launches

Is there a rocket launching facility in Western Victoria or Eastern South Australia, situated west of Warracknabeal in Victoria? I witnessed what appeared to be two stage launch whilst travelling ...
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What was the fate of the Shiloh Launch Complex at Canaveral

Living near Canaveral, since 2013 (that I know of) much has gone back and forth about the proposed Shiloh Launch Complex in the former citrus groves within the north side of the Cape Canaveral ...
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How are the liquid propellant umbilical cord protected from the exhaust?

The launch pad umbilical cords supply propellant to the rocket, and will definitely have some remaining at the time of liftoff. I remember the Saturn V footage wherein a heavy protection door slams ...
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Why put both Orbex and Rocket Labs on adjacent launch pads in Scotland?

update 2: BBC's May 11, 2022 Scottish spaceport's prototype rocket unveiled update 1: There's some recent and potentially helpful information in NASA Spaceflight September 4, 2019 UK Spaceport at ...
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When and why was Cape Canaveral "Launch Complex 40" renamed to "Space Launch Complex 40"?

From Wikipedia: Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40), previously Launch Complex 40 (LC-40) It seems to me that all other Cape Canaveral launch complexes are just "LC" without the "Space&...
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How will SpaceX build a SuperHeavy launch mount at LC39A, an active launch pad?

We have seen how fast SpaceX built the Boca Chica launch mount. We also saw the approach of building the base, then lifting segments built offsite (At the gas well site) to assemble them. However, as ...
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High latitude launch sites

I have two questions: What is the hype about launching rockets from high latitude launch sites? For references: Andoya Space (Norway) and ESRANGE (Sweden) received grants of > 20 M EUR. Wouldn’t a ...
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Looking for ICS information at common launch facilities

I'm doing some research on cyber threats to launch facilities, such as those against industrial control systems leveraged by a typical launch service provider. Details of which types of systems are ...
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Launch corridors

I was wondering where I could find a list of the launch azimuth ranges - i.e. the corridors - for the main launchpads worldwide (Baikonur, Kourou, KSC, ... as many as possible). Thank you in advance!
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