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Questions about the liability of the private entities or countries for damages done to other parties during space exploration activities.

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Does China pay for damages caused by deorbiting space junk?

When China launches a big rocket, they apparently don't control the deorbit and there are large enough pieces to strike the surface and even cause damage to buildings, as happened in the Ivory Coast ...
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Chance of ceramic board surviving re-entry on 3U CubeSat?

We're building a 3U CubeSat and have concerns about a ceramic PCB used in one of our experiments. Since ceramics have such a high melting temperature, we're not sure if the heat transfer during re-...
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2 votes
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What are the consequences to breaking the ISS?

Suppose a relatively minor space faring government or a private company had permission to dock with the International space station. But then, due to their incompetence they caused a major problem. ...
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International regulations about littering in space?

Are there any international regulations about littering in space? What, except from general social norms, would prevent private operator from discarding waste into deep space? And, in case of damage ...
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What are the possible legal consequences of an unauthorized launch of a satellite?

Consider the situation, where the private company (let's say, registered on some Caribbean country, but owned by the citizen of United States) does the unauthorized launch of satellite or other ...
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