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Questions tagged [lifetime]

Questions regarding either the lifespan of an astronaut, or the amount of time that a device or instrument is usable.

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Why does NASA underestimate their own missions? [duplicate]

This question may be a little vague, so I will explain what I mean by this. Most major NASA missions have had a "Mission Life Expectancy". But I've found 8 times out of 10, the spacecraft ...
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How fast are Ingenuity's knees wearing out?

Each leg of Ingenuity has what I'll call a knee. After just a few flights, on 2021 May 10, NASA wrote: By plastically deforming and fatiguing as it absorbs energy, this flexure acts much like the ...
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Satellite Remaining Life

How can I know the remaining life of a satellite? I have been using satbeam, and try to calculate it based on launch date + expected life, but it seems to have some problems. For example, for this ...
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What is the cycle life of the Merlin 1D?

I was doing some back of the envelope calculations to see improvements SpaceX would have to make to reach a cost target of $100/kg into orbit. After doing some basic calculations, it seems that SpaceX ...
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What is the proper way to charge Lithium Ion batteries?

Lithium Ion Batteries are becoming more and more popular in spacecraft, due to their high power per mass ratio. There are several companies, such as Quallion, advertising their space rated batteries. ...
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