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Questions tagged [link-budget]

Questions related to the dimensioning of communication links, whether at radio-frequency (RF) or at optical wavelengths, over pure free-space (inter-satellite links) or a combination of free-space and through an atmosphere (for examples, Space-to-Earth and Earth-to-Space links).

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Inter-satellite/Inter-platform communication requirements

I am studying Inter-satellite/Inter-platform links and would like to compute the link budget: Satellite-Satellite or HAP to HAP ( high altitude platform). For my computation, I am looking for a ...
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Satellite-Ground link and Intersatellite link

I have seen an answer here how we can compute link budget in satellite communication. Link Budget $$ P_{RX} = P_{TX} + G_{TX} - L_{FS} + G_{RX} $$ $P_{RX}$: received power by spacecraft $P_{TX}$: ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How to compute each of these link budget terms?

The terms in Equation are all in decibels (dB), which is logarithmically scaled. In Equation, $P_{rx}$ is the received peak power, $P_{tx}$ is the transmitted peak power, $G_{tx}$ is the transmitter ...
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Impact of having two antennas on link budget calculations

I'm working on link budget of a cubesat mission that needs to have two dipole antennas that are perpendicular to each other. I want to know if having two antennas affect the link budget? losses, and ...
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Why does NASA use higher frequencies even though they have worse Free Space Path Loss (FSPL)?

Looking at the Formula for FSPL we see that it increases with Frequency. Why is X-Band used for Deep Space Communications instead of lower bands like S-Band? Is it a question of data-rates? Is the ...
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Can I transmit signals from a wristwatch to geostationary orbit?

In comments below this answer to the question Which satellites can hear emergency signals from Scott Kelley's watch? we are (or at least I am) trying to figure out definitively if a wristwatch can ...
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