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How do pressure-fed engines stay cool?

Does anyone know how pressure-fed/hypergolic rocket engines cool themselves down? Do they regenerativly cool themselves? Thanks!
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Using of the rocket propellant for engine cooling

Why does liquid space propellant make a good engine coolant? I was researching the regeneratively cooled nozzle and combustion chamber on the Merlin 1D when I found this out. I do know that the pipes ...
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Freezing problem of hydrocarbon fuels in a LOX cooled engine

I assume that in a LOX/RP-1 engine where RP-1 is used as a coolant, we need not consider the freezing issues. The reason for my assumption is that we need not bring the chamber and injectors to the ...
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Why there are small holes just at the ending of RS-25 rocket engine? [duplicate]

I have seen these holes in many pictures and I can't understand what are these and why are they used?
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Understanding the basics of spacecraft thermal control systems

I have a broad understanding that in spacecraft cooling systems where a circulating liquid is used, a first coolant usually runs through the spacecraft and collects heat and then passes through a heat ...
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Selection criteria for coolant media on spaceships

What is the selection criteria for coolant media on spaceships? I have read that ammonia as well as water glycol have been used. These two have very diverse properties. So what makes both of them ...
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Active liquid cooling for heat shield

I have not found much about active liquid cooling for heat shields using cryogenic fuel. It has been mentioned but not researched in depth. It may never have been done. Now that the Starship seems to ...
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