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Questions regarding the Lunar Lander Training Vehicle used to simulate flying the Lunar Module in 1/6 gravity.

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What caused the Lunar Landing Training Vehicle to be unreliable?

The Lunar Landing Training Vehicle was used during the Apollo missions to simulate flying the lunar lander at 1/6th the force of Earth's gravity: Many sources have indicated a conflict between ...
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What were the differences between the LLRV and LLTV?

The LLRV (Lunar Landing Research Vehicle) was used to develop the LLTV (Lunar Landing Training Vehicle), but were there design differences between the two? Were any major lessons learned from the LLRV ...
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How many minutes of Lunar Sim did Neil Armstrong get?

A quick follow-up to What were the differences between the LLRV and LLTV? These craft were provided with a zero-zero ejection seat. The above reverenced article on wikipedia mentions Neil Armstrong ...
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Why did the LLTV have a service ceiling of 6,000 ft?

According to Wikipedia, the Lunar Landing Training Vehicle had a "service ceiling" of 6,000 ft (1,800 m). I assume this is the maximum altitude that it can perform at. What was the limiting factor?
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