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Questions regarding the coordination of people, machinery, or facilities to accomplish an end goal.

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Was the JWST's shipment from California to French Guiana kept secret or otherwise anonymized during transport?

It's not often that a sea ship is spotted with cargo worth one hundred ten billion dollars. I vaguely recall reading an article several months ago where someone from NASA mentioned that they would not ...
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Challenges that "missile mail" would have to overcome? (Aerophilately)

Mail delivery by missiles has been attempted but never really took off. I have read of some who made attempts to build a postal missile system, such as Stephen Smith of India, but I wonder about the ...
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Was ULA's mobile clean room on the ground floor or up near the top of the rocket? What were the logistics for getting Perseverance up there?

Spaceflight Now's ULA’s Atlas 5 is NASA’s go-to rocket for nuclear-powered space probes quotes Tory Bruno, president and CEO of United Launch Alliance: Bruno said the mobile clean room set up inside ...
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Examples of both hardware and software GNSS recievers

I am writing an essay titled: Critically evaluate the positional fixing capabilities of current smartphone technologies for real world GIS data collection I am wanting examples of both hardware and ...
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How much would mass-production impact the cost of solid-fuel rockets?

Let's imagine that, for some arbitrary reason, solid-fuel rocket stages were needed and built en masse in factories, like planes or even like cars. How much would it drive down the cost of an ...
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Can food be preserved by exposure to space?

Would it be possible to preserve food by wrapping them in sturdy packaging (to preserve moisture and block micrometeors) and then tossing it out of the airlock so we no longer need refrigeration space?...
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Split cost of bringing 1 kg to LEO

Historically seen, space logistics prices decrease, as shown here, from $20K/kg to expected 1.7K/kg thanks to reusable rockets. But, how does the cost split look like and vary in detail? i.e. "fuel - ...
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How would the space shuttle have been retrieved following a TAL out of Vandenberg?

Had the space shuttle ever launched out of Vandenberg AFB, its primary transoceanic abort landing (TAL) site would have been Mataveri International Airport (SCIP) on Rapa Nui (Easter Island; Isla de ...
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Could astronauts wear EVA suits in the Soyuz?

There's a problem with maintaining the EVA suits on the space station. Since the Shuttle was canceled, only recently has Dragon made it possible to bring the suits down to ground for refurbishment, ...
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How are cryogenic rocket propellants delivered to the launch pad?

I work at a university that gets LN2/LHe (liquid nitrogen and helium) delivered a couple times a week by a large tanker truck outside my office. It seems to work well enough to deliver a couple tons ...
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Do astronauts qualify to be calculated for hazardous duty in their pay?

Earlier today a grotesque incident occurred. My attempt to navigate to SOHO was redirected instead to this notice which wrote to say Due to the lapse in federal government funding, this website is ...
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How would we communicate over light years?

Anyone who has been in an email conversation where the chain split into different threads, or has been in chat where they receive two diverging comments requiring a response before a reply to the ...
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Does NASA have a space tug project to bring a habitable module to the ISS?

The habitable modules of US sector of the ISS didn't have any propulsion systems to rendezvous the ISS by themselves. They were intended to be brought there by the Space Shuttle. Most of the Russian ...
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