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Is there an anomalous variation of distance between Earth-Moon during a lunar eclipse?

Apart from normal (expected) variation of distance between Earth and Moon in any given time interval, what happens during a lunar eclipse by way of some unexpected (anomalous) deviation? Have lunar ...
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How to compute light time correction for eclipse entry/exit timings?

I used a typical geosynchronous orbital parameters and generated lunar shadow penumbra entry and exit timings using OREKIT and GMAT. GMAT has an option to include light-time correction (also for ...
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Projecting shadows, or even a movie, on the moon

Would there be a way to project shadows, or even a short movie on the moon, i.e. using the moon as a cinema screen and the sun as a projector? To be more precise, if a cubesat was launched towards the ...
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Lunar eclipses using SPICE toolkit, missing ephemeris data

I want to figure out lunar eclipses as seen from a point on the Moon using SPICE. To generate ephemeris for the point on the Moon, I use the code provided in this answer. Instead of ...
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If a solar flare happened during a total lunar eclipse, would the Earth block the flare from hitting the moon? And for how long?

I was making plans for a scifi story set in the aftermath of a Carrington Event-level solar flare, and I wondered if, in the case of a total lunar eclipse, the Earth would shield the Moon from the ...
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Asteroid impact on the Moon: which effects cause the flash?

It is most likely that there was an impact on the Moon during yesterday's lunar eclipse. I am trying to get some more understanding of this so that I could maybe do a more detailed video on this ...
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Has the Earth's red atmosphere rim ever been photographed?

In the Wikipedia article on Lunar eclipse there's given an image of how the Earth would look from the eclipsed Moon: This is obviously a schematic drawing. So I wonder, has the Earth ever been ...
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Has the Earth's shadow on the Moon (lunar eclipse) ever been photographed from Space?

The questions Has the Moon's shadow on the Earth (solar eclipse) ever been photographed from beyond Earth orbit? Is this the only eclipse where Moon's shadow on the Earth (umbra) has been ...
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