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Questions tagged [magnetosphere]

A magnetosphere is the region around a planet where charged particle behavior is dominated by the planet's magnetic field.

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9 votes
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Is NASA doing research on "mini-magnetospheres" to protect crew from radiation in space?

The article NASA proposes a magnetic shield to protect Mars' atmosphere says: ...Dr. Jim Green – the Director of NASA's Planetary Science Division – and a panel of researchers presented an ...
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How could an induced magnetosphere be created at Mars for terraforming?

In the long run Mars needs a magnetic field to keep a thick atmosphere and for radiation shielding, if humanity were to terraform it. Starting a dynamo in Mars' core seems forever impossible, but a ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Artificial Magnetosphere to Terra-form Mars?

I was reading a 2017 article on a potential that Mars could be terraformed using a magneto-tail; A Future Mars Environment for Science and Exploration. This would basically entail sticking a giant ...
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Is the recently discovered VLF-induced radiation barrier in any way important or useful?

There are several popular news articles that refer to this video, who's notes point to the NASA news item NASA's Van Allen Probes Spot Man-Made Barrier Shrouding Earth which points to the ...
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How long would a magnetic shield placed at the Mars L1 point take to replenish Mars's atmosphere?

This conference paper proposes placing a magnetic shield at the Mars L1 point to protect it's atmosphere. The paper reports the results of modeling the martian atmosphere at a variety of pressures (10,...
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What was Steve? Is it called something else now?

"Steve" was a temporary name for a space phenomenon above the Earth. Since then it's likely much work as been done and a more permanent name chosen. So I'd like to ask what Steve really was/is, and if ...
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