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What is that cone-shaped thingy on most orbiters?

Whether you're Looking at MRO, Odyssey, Juno, or MAVEN, you might notice it. That odd cone on the top or bottom of the spacecraft. Does anyone know what it is?
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In which Mars orbit, Mars Orbiters are rotating around Mars

Like Earthbound satellites are stationed in the polar orbit or Geosynchronous orbit. In which orbit related to Mars the Marsbound orbiters are stations?
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Is there direct evidence of flowing glaciers on Mars?

I know that analysis of Mars photographs has revealed what appear to be the kinds of surface ripples that occur due to glacial flow. For example, this photo, taken from here: The glaciers appear to ...
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Are there any photos of the Martian terminator from low Mars orbit?

This photo of Earth was taken from the ISS, an altitude of 211 nautical miles. This photo of Mars was taken 71,000 kilometers above Mars (about 10 Mars diameters away). Are there any images of the ...
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Can a Mars orbiter mass only 50 kg?

A press release by the SatRevolution consortium says that it plans to send cubesats "as small as 50 kg" to Mars to "conduct a variety of valuable science." So that means orbiting, not just a flyby ...
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Orbit to Orbit Transport Stage

Would it be faster or cheaper to have a lander, SSTO, and/or SpaceX Mars rocket to rendezvous connect with a more efficient engine or "transport stage" or another lander, SSTO? When the spacecraft ...
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How can a Mars helicopter be autonomous if there isn't a Martian GPS?

For a drone to be autonomous, it needs something like a GPS to be able to navigate. If it doesn't have GPS, you'd have to manually control it. Do the orbiters provide something like GPS then? I ...
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Why wasn't the Mars Climate Orbiter's fatal error caught prior to launch?

The Mars Climate Orbiter failed in 1999 due to: ground-based computer software which produced output in non-SI units of pound (force)-seconds (lbf·s) instead of the SI units of newton-seconds (N·s) ...
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Is it possible to deploy "geostationary" Mars orbiter?

Hypothetical question: Are we able launch an orbiter from Earth to Mars in a way that such orbiter ends on "geostationary" position, hovering always one specific place over Mars? My thought process ...
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What happened to the Viking 2 Orbiter?

What was the ultimate fate of the Viking 2 Orbiter? According to NASA: The orbiter developed a leak in its propulsion system that vented its attitude control gas. It was placed in a 302 x 33176 km ...
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Earth->Mars: Porkchop, departure burn and orbit inclination

My goal is to get a graph "spaceport latitude"<>"delta-v to reach mars". Using "Trajectory Optimization Tool" (Matlab one) I have successfully generated porkchop graph for Earth->Mars transfer. ...
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What have been India's Mars mission's benefits to science?

From Wikipedia, it seems the objective is to gain experience in Mars missions and taking some scientific observations. My question is, did ISRO scientists discover anything new from their observations?...
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After a trans-Mars transfer, what is the direction of the rotation of the orbit around Mars?

I'm not quite familiar with space exploration vocabulary. For the Apollo missions, the trajectory was figure-8-shaped. Thus, the direction of rotation of the Earth orbit was opposite to the one ...
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Are NMAs (Near Mars Asteroids) common and useful for exploration?

Thousands of NEAs have been observed out of estimated 285,000 larger than 40 meters. A handful of Martian trojans have been found, but should there be more or fewer NMAs than NEAs? NEAs can become ...
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Methane detection on Mars by MOM?

It's been almost a month since the ISRO's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) was put into orbit. Though it doesn't carry much scientific payload, the one most talked about is the methane sensor, which even ...
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Can the satellites in Martian orbit be put to use providing a rudimentary GPS system on Mars?

This website conveys the impression a rover on the Martian surface necessarily navigates by dead-reckoning. Stereo images are used to determine how far a rover has travelled; an advancement over older ...
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Is the MARPOST (Mars Piloted Orbital Station) mission still in the works?

The Russian MARPOST plan in its simplest form, to me, sounds like a great idea: Establish a manned orbital presence around Mars before deploying humans to the surface. The Wikipedia article says that ...
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