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What do the the gold and turquoise beams from the MASCOT rover represent in this video?

The German Aerospace Center, DLR video is in Japanese so I can't understand it, nor even type the doubtlessly informative annotations into a translator. Question: What do the the gold and turquoise ...
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Why the MASCOT lander has no solar panels?

The MASCOT lander carried on Hayabusa2 just landed on Ryugu, completed it's mission and finshed operation as it has a non-rechargeable battery and no means to generate power. See this answer for more ...
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DLR Mascot asteroid lander's unusual "torque wheel-based" propulsion system

Soon the Japanese Hayabusa 2 mission will release the German "Mascot" Lander onto the surface of the asteroid. The small box shaped lander then impacts the surface and preforms science experiments. ...
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How long will MASCOT operate on Ryugu?

The MASCOT lander on Hayabusa 2 seems to be powered by batteries only, I couldn't find any reference to solar panels or an RTG. What is its expected lifetime on the asteroid? MASCOT page at CNES
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