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What is the name of this specific, popular MEO orbit? [duplicate]

While browsing a space object visualisation service, AstriaGraph, I see a large number of objects occupying a specific MEO orbit, and I want to understand the name and purpose of this orbit, and what ...
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Why end-of-life GPS satellites given orbits that seemingly still intersect active satellite orbits but with a different period? Recipe for disaster?

This answer to Where are MEO satellites put at the end of their operational life? says (currently in full): This is an active area of research. As you noted, the main satellites that are in MEO are ...
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Why was Telstar 1 put in a 952 x 5933, 2.6 hour 44.8° MEO orbit?

Wikipedia says that Telstar 1 was put into a 952 x 5933, 2.6 hour 44.8° MEO orbit but doesn't really say exactly why this particular orbit was selected. Did it perhaps behave roughly like a Molniya ...
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Where are MEO satellites put at the end of their operational life?

At the end of their operational life, satellites on geostationary orbit and higher are put in a graveyard orbit that is higher than their operational orbit. Satellites in LEO are slowed down so that ...
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Are spacecraft put into Earth orbit frequently equipped with small thrusters to separate their orbits from their co-orbiting rocket bodies?

Brandon Rhodes' retweet says I’ve recently followed @TSKelso as a fun way to keep up with the surprising volume of rocket launches these days, and the new viewer shown here is ...
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