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Does anyone who works at SpaceX know the paths of classified payloads?

As SpaceX has launched both NROL-76 and OTV-5, does anyone at SpaceX know the trajectory of the vehicle, or is the falcon upper stage under the direct control of the Air Force?
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Why do these 'spy' satellites carry amateur radio packages?

Cosmos 2499 is in this list of amateur radio satellites and according to Gunter's space page it contains amateur radio packages, and are 'secretive', and performed proximity maneuvers with its launch ...
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Which has greater accuracy? Minuteman ICBM or Falcon 9 first stage?

The really fun part about watching SpaceX land their first stage on either their ASDS Barge (JRTI or OCISLY) or Landing Zone 1 on land, is they drew a nice target on the surface. There is a literal ...
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Is it possible to covertly put an EMP weapon into an ISS-like orbit by masquerading it as a legitimate launch?

I'm writing a sci-fi novel and I need some clarification on some technical issues. An HEMP is an high-altitude EMP. A 400km high, high-yield nuclear explosion over Kansas could "switch off" all the ...
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Is there any leaked information about the real purpose of the X-37B spaceplane [duplicate]

Is there any leaked information about the real purpose of the X-37B. It is said that it could be used as a multipurpose space-plane such as a spy satellite or demonstrating technologies for re-...
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