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Questions about celestial bodies that orbit another celestial body.

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Why couldn't New Horizons try again to search for small moons of Pluto?

I was reading Alan Stern and David Grinspoon's Chasing New Horizons, the story of the quarter-century effort to prepare, enable, and run New Horizons' mission to Pluto. As many readers know, it ...
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Efficiency of "liquid cooled" RTG

One of the big problems in the vacuum of space is getting heat away. RTG that rely on a temperature differential from the hot to the "cold" side to produce electricity will probably suffer a ...
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Just how locked is Titan? Does it exhibit libration due to eccentricity? Have residual oscillations not yet damped out been detected or ruled out?

Under Where is the Selk crater on Titan with respect to Saturn? there is @BrendanLuke15's comment which provides a helpful hint: Tidally locked moons have their 0° longitude defined as the 'sub-...
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Iapetus - Destabilized rings to mountains?

I was reading an article about a ring that was destabilized out of orbit on one of Saturns moons. I got there by looking for mountains because of this question (unrelated mostly). Here's a picture of ...
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Melting probes in low pressure environment

The icy moons in our solar system Enceladus und Europa are very interesting targets for research because they sport deep oceans of liquid water under their thick shells of ice. But above that icy ...
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Diameters of moons in solar system

I would like to programmatically find all moons in our solar system above a certain diameter. I would like to use the api to jpl horizons if possible. (For context I am then going on to find ...
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Arctic underwater analogue?

Just want to know if the underneath of the arctic ice sheet is a viable analogue for underwater habitation on the larger moons of the gas giants? (Galilean, large Saturnian) I feel like it would be a ...
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Saturn's Pan and Prometheus orbital resonance

Is it possible for a small object (such as a manned capsule) to realize a maneuver using the orbital resonance influence of Saturn's moons Pan and Prometheus?
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