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Questions tagged [multi-launch]

Questions about past and future space missions that either will or have required multiple launches for a single space exploration campaign, or questions about multiple launches on individual missions that are jointly managed.

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Why will the final version of Starship be almost empty after its first launch?

It has been announced that SpaceX Starship SuperHeavy will need 16 launches with the tankers to refuel Lunar Starship. Why is the Starship going to be empty after reaching orbit, since the booster is ...
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Are Armageddon's simultaneous shuttle launches feasible?

In Armageddon, two space shuttles launch from adjacent pads mere seconds after one another. This seems highly implausible for several reasons: Pressure, heat, vibration and debris from the first ...
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What factors hinder establishing a moon-base mission? Enterprise or scientific value? [closed]

Given recent advances in both engineering achievements - reusable rockets technology, launch frequency, fabrication/3D printing; and the growth in the general public awareness of space exploration due ...
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Couldn't precursor missions increase the risk of losing a crew?

Let's say that the big goal for HSF is decided to be to land humans on the surface of Mars. Is it certain that the total mission/campaign risk decreases if one does crewed precursor missions? For ...
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NASA Launch Control: was all of its capacity ever used?

The NASA Launch Control Center at Cape Canaveral has 4 Firing Rooms. Each can support the launch of a spacecraft. Similarly, the VAB was divided into four bays, each large enough to support assembly ...
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Why does NASA plan to put a meteoroid in Lunar orbit instead of Earth orbit?

NASA is working on an asteroid retrieval mission. A small asteroid will be moved into Lunar orbit where it will be visited by space walking astronauts. Since it will be only max seven meters in ...
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How are multiple launches handled?

A spacecraft may launch with multiple payload, as is evidenced by How does a single rocket place multiple satellites into orbit? This question however is not about multiple payload carried in a ...
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