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Questions involving determining the orbital mechanics considering the gravitational interactions of n (number) of bodies.

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2 body equations of motion in 3D

How do you write the 2 body equations of motion in 3D as a system of differential equations
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How would an n-body numerical orbit simulator use hierarchy in its Jacobian?

This question is about techniques to calculate orbits. The Github post On the dynamical stability of Principia's modified Jool system (cited in this answer) says: Principia computes the trajectory of ...
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Are Jool's moons' orbits stable?

The fictitious Kerbol system includes ...five planets: Moho, Eve, Kerbin, Duna and Jool; and two dwarf planets: Dres and Eeloo; orbit around it. Kerbol contains 99.97 % of the mass in the Kerbol ...
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How to determine an algorithm for Low Earth Orbit propagation, considering perturbation from the moon, sun, etc?

I'm trying to determine an algorithm for orbit propagation for a satellite on LEO, with high accuracy in a six month time ...
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Many moons in same orbit

Is it possible to have a stable orbit comprised of many moons(>2) that keep themselves roughly equal distance apart? Sort of like Epimetheus and Janus around Saturn but comprised of many moons. The ...
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What, if any, libration points exist in systems of multiple orbiting bodies?

Are there libration points in a restricted 4-body problem (system of three orbiting bodies of significant mass, plus the libration point orbiting body)? If so, how many of them exist and where are ...
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Didn't Wernher von Braun understand Kepler's laws in 1955?

Please watch 45 seconds of this demonstration performed by no one less than Wernher von Braun himself! The numbers along the illustrated ellipse ...
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